How Can I Know What God is Like?

Many people want firm answers about God before they can believe. Although there is plenty of evidence that God is real and that Jesus existed and walked this earth over 2000 years ago, we need to exercise faith, through a decision to believe that God, through Jesus is who he said he is. Here is an excerpt from a book my father, the late Dr. Robert H. Schuller authored in 1963. It’s titled, “God’s Way to the Good Life.”

“How can I know what God is like? What image can I intelligently believe to be an authentic impression, a responsible representation, a reliable image? Here, honest seeker, is the Perfect Portrait! Here is the image of integrity, For the Christian Gospel is the good news that God gave the world a perfect portrait and an immaculate image of Himself. God came down and walked around on this earth in a human body. And He was called Jesus! This Jesus is not an ordinary itinerant preacher. This is God putting Himself in our shoes. It was the only way God could “get through” to the human race.”

You too can start living the “good life” today. All it takes is you saying “yes” to Jesus. Things won’t necessarily change in your life, but one thing for sure is that YOU will change for things and your life will never be the same.

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