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Dear Friends,

I have been speaking the truth and getting the message of God’s love and power to the world like never before. At the beginning of March 2020, I was happy and content with travel, recreation, speaking on occasion, and enjoying retirement. That all changed in a flash!

The world shut down. The churches quietly obeyed and shut down. I couldn’t believe it.  There wasn’t a church that I could attend in all of Orange County, 3 million people. That woke me up and now I am awake. I am speaking, preaching, reading everything I can put my hands on, and doing everything I can to wake people up.

This election year, it is more important than ever that we vote for candidates of faith.  
We are in a war against religion. Not just Christianity (which is on the top of the enemy list) but all religions except scientism. Science is the only religion that is accepted in this war for the world.

The battles are ones of ideology; Faith vs Science; Planet vs Humanity; Mechanistic vs Vitalistic Health; Propaganda vs Free Speech; Woke vs Awake; Technocracy/Dictatorship/Socialism/Totalitarianism/Communism vs our Republic, the United States of America. Before they can take the world, they have to take down the one thing that is stopping their plan, The Constitution of the USA and its foundation on GOD!!

As the World Economic Forum, The United Nations, and The World Health
Organization, are pushing their agenda, and they are using every tool at their disposal; Critical Race Theory, Gender Identity, The Green New Deal, The Digital Gulag, ESG (Ecology, Social, Governance) financial scores, DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion), Corporate Marxism, Medical Tyranny, Technocracy, Mass Formation Psychosis, Eugenics, Ordination of Sin, Transhumanism, Propaganda, Speech Suppression, and DNA manipulation, and the list goes on. 

But all of God’s creation was created for YOU!! Globalists hate that. They see humanity as a scourge on the planet. They want to reduce world populations through infertility, abortion, starvation, war, and any other means necessary. Since the implementation of the Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine, “all-cause-death” has increased by 16% in 2021 compared to 2020 in fully vaccinated countries. In order to defeat the darkness, all we need is the light of Jesus. That is what Donna, and I are doing. We are shedding light on this dark world to extinguish the darkness.

Currently, we are delivering a LIVE message at 8am Pacific time every Sunday Morning.  You can watch our messages on DrSchuller.orgFacebookTwitter, or YouTube. Then again at 10am, we host an in-person service at the Community Center of Newport Beach which we live stream also. Finally, at 9:30 pm ET, we broadcast on an international cable and satellite network via TheWordNetwork.orgWe will do whatever it takes to save our nation and thus the world for our grandchildren. Will you do your part?

I need your help!! I cannot do this without financial support from my friends. The expenses of fighting this spiritual battle continue and are beyond my personal means. Please do your part in saving the gospel of Jesus for your children and grandchildren. Help us in any way you can today. Stand up against the globalist who want to enslave mankind, which begins with extinguishing the good news of Jesus.

By the grace of God, I am still on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. I don’t know how long it will be before I am de-platformed. The owner of TheWordNetwork.org is a personal friend and loves what I am doing, so I will be able to stay there for years to come, but only with your help. 

With families under attack by Disney, schools, and vaccine mandates, Donna has written a timeless new book, “Fearless Women.”  In it, she shares how women of faith are facing their fears and creating a better future for their families based on the love of Jesus and his amazing grace for all.

Today, we are asking you to support us with a year-end financial gift as we continue to build our future with faith. Together we can make a difference in the lives of our children and the world. No matter what, we will shout from the mountain tops, “Jesus Christ is Lord.”

Your Friends for Life,
Robert Schuller & Donna Schuller

PS: With God’s power, prayer, and your financial support we are Victorious!!


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