Marriage – Some Wars Are Personal

Not all wars are waged on a battlefield with bombs and bullets. Some are the wars of words waged between husbands and wives who have forgotten how to love each other. When a man and woman live together as husband and wife, they get to know each other very well. Each spouse knows how to do the little things that bring pleasure to his or her partner—and they also know what will really hurt each other. A tragedy of human nature is that some people will use information they have about you to really hurt you. If the husband knows his wife is sensitive about her weight, then what do you suppose he is going to say in the heat of an argument? He may say something about being glad he doesn’t have to carry her over the threshold these days.

If the husband is sensitive about losing his hair or about getting passed over for that big promotion at work, it’s going to take a very good woman not to go after him in these vulnerable areas, especially if he’s been attacking her. Yes, every marriage has its little spats. That’s just part of living together through the frustrations of daily life. But if men and women who swore to love each other until death do them part find that their marriage has deteriorated to a point where vicious arguments are common place, they need to seek peace inside of themselves. Each needs to spend time in sincere reflection and work on themselves.

Marriage is healthier when you’re not using your own insecurities to point out imperfections in your spouse. Remember–two horses working in tandem can pull 32,000 pounds, which four times as much as either of the horses could pull by themselves.

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