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Conquering Loneliness

There are different kinds of loneliness and sometimes we can even feel all alone in a crowded room. The type of loneliness I’m writing about today is when you feel all alone because you are.  No one is there with you and you feel bad about yourself and about life.

If you feel lonely, here are a few things you can do to help:

-Weather permitting, take a walk outside. Right now, after you read this. Say hello to everyone you walk by. Make comments like, “beautiful day,” while you make eye contact. Human interaction, even with strangers, can fill an immediate need.

-If you live alone, consider getting a roommate. There are good ways and not-so-good ways to go about this so make sure you research and ask for referrals, so you’ll find the right one.

-Get a pet. Dogs and cats are great companions but a bird, or a small fish can help fill a void in your heart as well. Your local animal shelter is a great place to look. Remember that pets need to have water, food, and a place to go to the bathroom. Dogs need to be walked at least twice a day.

-Sit with others during your lunch break. Go to a park where you can people-watch as you eat. Invite one of your co-workers or a friend to go with you. Same goes for eating at home. Invite someone over. If you don’t cook, ask them to bring something to share, and you provide something too.

-When you go to the store give a compliment to every employee you encounter. Even the smallest exchange of dialogue will help you conquer your loneliness and there’s a good chance the person you talk to needs encouragement too.

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