8 Ways to Deal with Grief

Painful things happen to all of us. It’s part of living. It can be devastating to lose someone you love to death but there are other things that cause serious grief as well. The loss of a pet, a friendship, a career, a home…and the list goes on. Here are some things that will help.

1) Don’t hide or run from your grief. Address it. A professional told me years ago, “whatever doesn’t get worked out gets acted out.” If you don’t take care of your past hurts and angers, they will ooze out of you and affect everyone around you. Grief has a season of its own and no one’s journey is the same.

2) Pray about it. Even in your darkest hour, and even when you can’t feel him, God is there. He will never leave you. You can count on God.

3) Don’t share your past or present hurts with people who are not psychologically equipped to handle it. Don’t ask for advice from others who are fragile or emotionally unstable. Sharing things with another who is not healthy can end up causing you more grief and pain.

4) Seek professional help. Find a counselor who specializes in grief.

5) Keep yourself busy with fulfilling projects and work.

6) Do something for others. A good way to deal your own grief is to have empathy for what others are going through. Once you start healing, you can use your painful experience to help others through their grief.

7) Get outside every day. Bundle up if you have to but remember that one way God reveals himself is through nature. Spending a lot of time inside can be depressing.

8) Don’t give up. Things will get better. They always do.

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