Relationship Resilience

Every healthy friendship and every dynamic marriage have their own set of challenges. If you don’t recognize or acknowledge this, then this is your challenge! How quickly you recover from set-backs largely determines the capacity of your relationship’s survival. It’s called resilience and it’s the stuff great movies are made from. The ability to get through hardship and resolve your differences will strengthen you as an individual, as your relationships grow stronger.

The sooner you identify and work through your challenge, the sturdier and healthier your relationships will be. Here’s some ways you can fortify your relationships:

Remember, you can only change yourself. If your partner or your friend has habits that drive you nuts, you won’t change them so work on yourself. Identify and improve your own shortcomings. It’s amazing how much better others look when you are mentally, spiritually, and physically healthy yourself!

Be intentional about spending time together. If it’s your spouse or significant other, make sure you carve-out time together every day. If your job makes you unavailable, then think of changing your work. If you want to stay close to your friends, then schedule regular times to get together. True friendships can’t be made and kept over social media or by texting.

Compromise. If you like movies and they enjoy hiking, do what they want often. They should reciprocate. Relationships are not 50/50. Sometimes you give more and sometimes they do. Be patient when your spouse, significant other, or friend is going through a rough time. Be kind and give-in.

-Love and commit. It’s not all about feeling romantic and happy. Stay the course. You will learn and grow together.

Forgive often and quickly. Anger and bitterness will destroy you and your relationships.

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23

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