Problem with Your Work

If you are going to work and doing a job that is boring, unfulfilling, tedious, or something you just don’t enjoy, you can change that. You weren’t meant to be unhappy or unusually frustrated in your workplace; or as a result, at home.

Think back at your childhood and remember what you loved doing. How can you transform your love of whatever that was into a fulfilling career? It’s imperative to be in touch with that person God made you to be; that joyful, full-of-life soul that others love being around. Spend some time researching and exploring YOU.

If you have never taken aptitude or spiritual gifts tests to find out what you are naturally good at, now’s the time to explore those possibilities. As a result, your attitude and satisfaction in every area of your life will be transformed. Learning as much about your strengths and gifts as possible will give you the ability to excel in the workplace and with your relationships too. You can find a spiritual gifts test available at giftstest.com and I highly recommend the book, Strengths Finder 3.0.

Spend some time discovering what you’re really good at and what you love doing. Find out how to make a living doing it. Ask others for help if you need it.

Don’t go to work and do a job. Go to your destiny and fulfill your calling. The world needs people who love what they do and who can make a positive influence on others. You are that person.

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