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Manage Your Money

Do you manage your money wisely or does your money manage you? It doesn’t matter how little or how much money you have, if you are spending more than you bring in, your money is managing you. You may feel stressed or anxious thinking that you will never have enough money. Chances are you have what you need but maybe not as much as you want.

I’ve experienced times in my life where I had enough money to do almost anything I desired, and then there were times where I put items back on the grocery store shelf because I just couldn’t afford them. Looking to lean times financially reminds me that I don’t always have enough money to buy what I want, but I always have enough for what I need.  There’s a huge difference in the two, and once you become tuned-in to this concept of wants verses needs you start to look at money differently.

If you are having a tough time managing the money you have, maybe it’s time for a change in mindset. This can be difficult if you once had more money than you have now, and you’ve had to make cut-backs in your life style. If you haven’t made a list (a budget) of your income against your bills, it’s time to do that. Once you know exactly what it takes to maintain your current lifestyle, no matter what that looks like, you can begin to make important decisions regarding what you need verses what you want. Looking at money that way will help you develop a life of gratitude, even in your lean times. You will more easily manage your money by coming up with creative ways to fulfill the desires of your heart, once you’re assured that your needs will be met.

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