Heartbreak and Disappointment

Dealing with things that “break the heart” or feelings of disappointment, or being let down, happen to everyone. Stuff happens and then we are left dealing with the damage left behind. Whether you’ve had a recent break-up, lost your job, had a fight with a friend or a family member, or suffered an intimidating health situation, the emotions you feel are real, may be raw, and can be painful.

If you have recently been through a tough situation, or if you are consumed with something right now, make sure you acknowledge your pain and don’t ignore it. If someone you know and care for has gone through something painful, don’t assume they’re okay because they say they are “okay.” Many people will bury themselves in their work or, unfortunately, in other people’s business, because they don’t want to examine their own lives. Pastors can be especially good at this because there is always someone else who needs their attention.

If you are feeling a sense of loss, grief, heartache, sadness, frustration, or confusion, make sure you identify your feelings and then plan to work through them. Writing or journaling will help a lot. Praying and meditating on the good things in life is important too. Start a gratitude list and keep track of all you do have. Only share your most personal secrets or troubles with a trusted person and remember: there are times when you need a professional counselor.

Lastly, and most importantly, examine your relationship with God. The way you feel about God right now, is the way you feel about yourself. If you have a hard time even praying, just sit in silence, open your heart and your mind, and wait for an answer. The Holy Spirit is God’s helper and knows what you are going through. He will comfort you.

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