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Freedom from Fear

Fear is a natural human emotion and there are times when fear is useful. If you’re walking down the street and someone pulls a gun on you, or when the car you’re driving starts skidding down a busy snow-covered road, or if you’re in the forest and a grizzly bear starts charging you…are real reasons to fear. When we are afraid our body switches into survival mode, and that’s a good thing when it’s needed. Our breathing becomes shallower and quicker, our posture changes, and our nervous system–our adrenals, release a ton of adrenaline when we encounter fearful situations. We were created this way and this cascade of normal, physical, psychological, and chemical reactions are good things when necessary.

Unfortunately, many people live in fear because of a perceived threat. Maybe you’ve heard the definition, False Evidence Appearing Real? When you live in a constant emotional state of fear your health will suffer, and you can get trapped in a never-ending cycle of gloom and doom.

Overcoming these perceived fears is very important to your overall health. In the same way the adrenaline is produced in life-saving emergencies, your body can be fooled into believing it’s under attack thus the adrenaline switch is “on” all the time. This can lead to adrenal burn-out. Your breathing may be shallow as a habit, and your body or head may constantly hunch forward in a “fight or flight” stance. All of these physical manifestations can develop into permanent health problems.

Overcome your fears by practicing healthy, deep breathing. Start your day with prayer and meditation. Work on your posture. Visit a chiropractor for your physical and neurological issues. Talk to a trained counselor.

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