Preventing the Flu

Have you ever noticed how flu season begins about the same time as junk food season?! In the U.S. we’ve just had Halloween and Thanksgiving, Christmas is less than a month away, and the season for holiday parties is here! Each year, at this time, I see more ads for things like caramel apples, candy, hot chocolate, unique cocktails, champagne, and all kinds of tempting stuff that’s not good for you. Now’s the time to make the right choices that will boost your immune system and bolster your good health. Please avoid the flu shot.

The following will help you stay healthy:

-Each morning take time to pray, meditate, and breathe.

-Get 8 hours of sleep in a dark, cool room, 67-68 degrees F. Use an eye shield if your room isn’t dark.

-Drink a couple of liters of water every day. When you go to a party, alternate your beverage of choice with a glass of H2o.

-Wash your hands. I use a nailbrush for extra cleanliness.

-Exercise. Schedule it and commit. Don’t stop because of holiday obligations.

-Dry brush before you get in the shower. This practice helps with lymphatic drainage. Google for more information.

-Avoid sugar. Sugar is addicting, if you start eating it you want more. Help your cravings by drinking a cup of hot herbal tea sweetened with stevia.

-Eat healthy food before you go to a party. When unhealthy appetizers are passed, you’ll be able to resist. Hang-out by the fresh raw veggies.

-Take your supplements, including healthy probiotics.  A healthy gut means a healthy body.

– Stay home and lay-low. If you feel yourself “coming down” with something heed your body’s warning.

If you are intentional about the above, you will ring in the new year with health and vitality!

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