2 Things to Help You Find Love

I’m not talking about the love Johnny Lee sings about in Urban Cowboy in, “Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places.” I mean genuine love that supports, defends, and stands by you at all times. It can be found in a friend, a spouse, or another family member. The message of love is strong, timeless, and sometimes hidden in plain sight. God is the greatest example of love.

Yesterday I allowed my human emotions to tilt for a while. I felt unappreciated, misunderstood, and unloved. Someone reacted to an article I posted online by calling me a liar. This hurt. And it made me mad. I didn’t write the article, I only posted it so others might read about a medical argument that is dividing people (like many other things)

Here’s two things I’ve discovered I need to do when feeling unappreciated or unloved. These things can help you too.

1) Make sure I connect with someone who is like-minded and who respects and loves me. Yesterday I reached out and called my friend, Mary. She helped me sort things out until I could see that the person making the unloving comments as being fearful of what the posted article revealed. Why else would they hurl insults?

2) Go for a long walk outside in order to clear my mind. I opened my heart and my mind to the beauty and love found in nature. As I was walking, I kept seeing rocks in the shape of hearts. Not just one, but several. Today when I went for a walk, I didn’t see a single heart-shaped rock. But then again, today I didn’t need to.

Remember to look for love in the right places. God’s love is all around you.

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