How To Know If It’s God

We are all faced with decisions every day. Some people like to say they make their decisions all alone and others on the opposite spectrum say that “God told them” what to do. I have never personally heard God tell me to do anything, but I have consulted with Him in times of meditation and prayer. God does “speak” in various ways if you are tuned in to his omnipresence and know how to listen. I love what our daughter Angie Schuller Wyatt says about hearing God:

“Men and women are spiritual beings with an equal ability to hear God. Hearing God often sounds like a whisper that comes from just outside a person’s mind. The sensation is processed mentally, and yet, feels strangely external.  The whisper may come like a clear thought, with a clear sentence structure. Or, it may be a felt impression, an imprint from God that carries meaning. For me the impression often feels like a weight that sits heavy in my mind, chest, or stomach. For others, hearing God feels like a spark, a zing, of energy.

Faith gives God’s voice prominence. God becomes more influential that the voice of parents, pastors, spouses, friends, and favorite t.v. shows (or personalities). God knows each woman (and man) intimately, from the inside out. He knows precisely what she (he) needs. His voice joins her inner dialogue, and then He becomes her source of healing, guidance, and comfort.”

If you are having a tough time knowing if it’s God or just a self-imposed thought you’re experiencing, take some quiet time to tune-in to His presence. Listen. Look at the fruits or the outcome of your decisions and ask yourself it the results are helping you and others accomplish goals in loving and beneficial ways for all concerned.

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