Confront Your Loss

Grief and loss are a part of living. Typically, the most profound and deepest grief, the hardest feelings to sort out, are those feelings of bereavement that come after the death of a loved-one.  Some of the other reasons for grieving include the loss of a job, moving from your home, or realizing that a relationship is over.

Make sure you don’t ignore, deny, or minimize those deep feelings of sadness and hurt.  Don’t do what my wife did for nearly 20 years after the death of her father when she was just 13 years old. She had to do the tough work of grieving way after the fact.

It’s always best to try and confront your loss as soon as possible, to grieve it so you can go on to a healthy future.

Grief has a season of its own and when we don’t spend time mourning a death that should be dealt with “now”, we will have to deal with it sometime in the future.

Feelings are odd in that the painful ones often lose their grip on us once we recognize them and decide to start the process of working through our grief. It’s a great paradox in life: if you give the feeling power, it will actually subside faster, provided that you find a good counselor, a good grief or other support group.  Your place of worship is a good place to start.

If you are grieving something or someone today, I am truly sorry.  I believe in a God who hears all of our cries for help and I believe that He will help you heal. I believe in the power of prayer to heal all who are bereaved, and remember:

  1. Find a grief or a support group.

  2. Recognize, don’t deny, that your feelings are real and legitimate.

  3. Remember that the bereavement process is just that…. a process. It will take some time to heal from your loss.

  4. Pray and ask God to help you.

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