Your Life Has Purpose

Maybe you’ve thought about killing yourself, or maybe you are worried that someone you love or care about is considering a way to end their life.

Call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline if you are having suicidal thoughts. (800) 273-8255.

One thing I’ve learned about anyone who is in so much pain or despair, they mean it when they say they want to commit suicide. Take them seriously, don’t think they are bluffing. Chances are whether or not it’s you or someone you know; the many methods of suicide have already been researched and thought about.

Maybe there are pictures or videos that have been looked at that explain how to end your life. Believe me I’ve counseled many people who were hopeless and no longer wanted to live.  The feelings of sadness and lack of hope, resulting in suicidal thoughts, are real, and they should to be taken very seriously.  

If you have no strength left, and you think there’s no way out, you might have suicidal thoughts. Be strong and courageous because killing yourself is not the only choice you have.

Your life matters. It makes a difference to your family and to your neighbors, at work, or at school. You need to have the belief and the courage to know that your life has purpose and meaning.

No matter how dark, how bleak, how painful things have become, you can find hope and turn your suicidal thoughts into those of hope. I know it may seem impossible right now, but you need to believe this.

Like, I said, I’ve counseled many people who wanted to commit suicide and fortunately most were able to find their way back from the darkness of despair and wanting to kill themselves.

The world needs your story of overcoming these dark feelings in order to become a better place. You will be able to help and encourage others to find freedom and new life once you recover from the pain you are feeling right now.

There is a God who loves and cares about you.  He understands every tear you’ve shed and every situation that you’ve lived through. He wants you to lean on Him and once you make that decision He will rescue you and keep you safe.  Telephone (800) 273-8255 for help now, if you are feeling like you want to end your life.  

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