Five Ways to Turn Off Work

With our personal devices attached to our hips, most people take their work home with them. How do we create boundaries to keep our work in proper perspective?

1. Turn off Your Device. Unless it is a job requirement, you can turn off your devices. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is something that you can overcome. You don’t need to jump every time the phone or text message comes in. You are important and others can wait.

2. Monitor your device. If your job requires you to be on call, you can monitor the messages and respond only when necessary.

3. Set times for Work. If you control your life and calendar, you can set times for work and play. You can make the conscious decision to start and stop.

4. Change the Dial in Your Brain. Our brains are like apps. You can open the ones you want and close the ones that bother you. You can control your thoughts by replacing work thoughts with family or friend thoughts. When you find yourself absorbed with work-related thoughts and you want to get away, consciously close that mental app by opening the one you want.

5. Remember that on your death bed you will not wish you spent more time at work. You will wish you spent more time with your family and friends.

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