Four Ways to Be The Best Absent Dad You can Be

Sometimes our work takes us away. Sometimes we have made choices that have resulted in us being separated from our families. Now we have to live with the reality and try to make the best of the situation. I have 2 grandchildren who live over 1000 miles away. Here are four things that I have learned:

1. Thanks to today’s technology we can FaceTime or Skype. I do this on a regular basis with all my grandkids. It’s a kick. It keeps us connected even though we don’t physically see each other. When my grandchildren DO see me in person, they recognize and know me.

2. Text. Send them photos of what you’re doing even if you are just sitting at a desk. Take a funny face and tell them you wish you were anywhere but there.

3. Call. Set up times that work for all of you and talk on the phone. Voices carry a lot of emotion and you’ll be able to hear the love from each other.

4. Old Fashion Letters. Kids LOVE receiving and opening paper letters that come from the post office. If you include a printed photo, they will keep it and look at it. There’s so much digital these days that it becomes easy to discard whatever is sent that way. Paper is unusual for young people, thus carries more value.

In all your communications, Pray. God has the ability to turn the negative into a positive. We may not be able to see how it’s possible but this much I know, “All things are possible with God.”

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