August 2023 Newsletter

As the year progresses and seasons transition, we find it vital to pause, reflect, and connect with you, our treasured supporters and partners in faith. The world may change rapidly around us, but one thing remains constant – our shared mission and purpose. As we continue in our devotion and commitment, we’re excited to update you on our latest endeavors, breakthroughs, and offerings. This newsletter encapsulates the heartbeat of our ministry, offering a window into our recent activities and the impactful content we’ve been curating for you.

A Spiritual Journey Through the Holy Land: Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus

We have just returned from an awe-inspiring pilgrimage to the Holy Land, a transformative nine-day journey that allowed us to retrace the very steps Jesus once walked. From June 20 to June 28, eighteen of us embarked on this remarkable experience that reignited and deepened our faith.

As we wandered along the serene shores of the Sea of Galilee, underwent a profound baptism in the Jordan River’s sacred waters, and traversed the ancient paths of Jesus leading to Jerusalem, our hearts were moved by the profound spiritual significance of every step. The poignant moments of tears shed along the Via Dolorosa and the moving Holy Communion we shared within the tranquil confines of the Garden Tomb will forever be etched in our memories.

The Holy Land offered us not just a glimpse into history, but an immersion into the culture, spirituality, and biblical heritage that is unique to this remarkable region. The enlightenment we gained during this pilgrimage is truly unparalleled and can only be fully appreciated by standing upon this sacred ground.

We are thrilled to announce that we are already in the planning stages for our next Holy Land pilgrimage, scheduled for May 2025. To ensure your place on this transformative journey, please provide us with your name and contact information via email. Our group size is intentionally limited to foster a sense of connection and community. Throughout the trip, we share meals at the same table, travel together on our motorcoach, and explore the same trails while delving deeper into the history and significance of the sites we visit.

Consider this pilgrimage as more than just a vacation; it is an unparalleled spiritual journey and an opportunity for continuing education. We understand the gravity of investing in something intangible, and we firmly believe that experiences like this pilgrimage to the Holy Land hold immeasurable value. This is an opportunity to enrich your faith, your understanding, and your connection to the roots of Christianity. We invite you to join us for what promises to be the journey of a lifetime.

Fearless Women

“Fearless Women: Transforming Negative Emotions into Positive Realities” by Donna Schuller was released in May 2023. Immerse yourself in the journey of her personal triumph over fears through the power of faith. This book offers an inspiring collection of 40 anecdotal and practical stories that resonate deeply.

While many readers breeze through the book within a day or a week, Donna Schuller has thoughtfully crafted it to unfold as a 40-day transformational experience. Each story begins with a relevant Bible verse and concludes with a heartfelt prayer, fostering a sense of spiritual connection.

To further enhance your daily reality with positivity, the book encourages you to engage in introspective reflection and practical application. As you immerse yourself in these pages, you’ll find spaces dedicated to pondering and contemplating how these lessons can resonate in your own life.

To get your copy, simply visit and place your order. Notably, every purchase of this book contributes directly to supporting the Robert Schuller Ministries, adding another layer of purpose to your reading experience.

Stay tuned for exciting updates: Donna Schuller’s upcoming podcast, “Fearless Women,” is on the horizon. Prepare to delve deeper into discussions that empower and inspire.

Join Us for an In-Person Local Church Service

Can you believe it’s been nearly 3 1/2 years since the inception of the Robert Schuller Ministries’ “Walk-in Drive-In” church in March 2020? In response to the closure of numerous churches on Sunday mornings, we answered what we felt was a divine call to establish an outdoor Drive-In church. Armed with nothing but our faith and a dedicated sound technician armed with an AM/FM transmitter, we held our inaugural service in a Santa Ana parking lot on the last Sunday of March 2020.

Listening to the unmistakable call from God, we embarked on this journey, doing what we felt was our calling. Fast forward to August 2023, and what began as an effort to “flatten the curve” has blossomed into an incredible assembly of freedom advocates, devout believers in God, and passionate followers of Jesus. Our congregation is a vibrant tapestry of diverse individuals united every week to learn how to champion freedom and uphold the presence of God in the United States.

Join us at 10 am in the Newport Beach Community Center, situated at 100 Civic Center Dr., Newport Beach, CA 92660. What started as an outdoor gathering has now evolved into a powerful movement that stands for freedom and faith. We wholeheartedly invite you, if you’re ever in the vicinity, to seize the opportunity and be part of this remarkable experience. Expect a warm personal welcome and a firm handshake, as we come together in the spirit of unity and shared purpose.

From our humble beginnings to this present day, we remain committed to providing a space where faith, freedom, and fellowship thrive. Come join us and become a part of this vibrant community. Your presence will undoubtedly enrich our journey, and together, we can continue to stand up for what we believe in, striving to keep the flame of God’s love and freedom alive in the USA.

Rediscover the Legacy: Hour of Power Classics Now Available

Step into a time capsule of spiritual enrichment with the Hour of Power Classics. The journey began in 1970, as the Hour of Power graced television screens from the heart of the Garden Grove Community Church. By 1976, it had captured the hearts of viewers worldwide, claiming the title of the most-watched religious program across the globe.

In 1976 when Robert Anthony Schuller, the founder’s son, became an integral part of the broadcast, he would read scripture and offered heartfelt prayers, forging a connection with millions of souls. It was during that same year that he delivered his inaugural message to that ever-growing audience. In the year 2000 he became the Co-Pastor and in 2006 He became the Lead-Pastor.

The treasure trove of these remarkable worship services is now being unveiled to the world. Over 2000 recordings, digitally transformed, encapsulate the entirety of those precious 60 minutes, featuring both the founder and his son. As the 1980s dawned, the Chrystal Cathedral was dedicated as the new sanctuary of worship, and the new home for the Hour of Power.

Slowly but surely, this invaluable archive from the 20th century is being brought back to life. We invite you to embark on this captivating journey by searching for Hour of Power Classics on YouTube. As you explore, don’t be taken aback when you encounter a young man, adorned with braces, passionately delivering a message that continues to resonate with hearts, nearly half a century later!

Join us in celebrating the spiritual wisdom and timeless messages that have shaped our history. It’s a journey that promises to inspire, enlighten, and fill your heart with the profound teachings that remain as relevant today as they were decades ago.

Explore Schuller Blogs: Your Source for Insightful Content

For over a decade, we have been dedicated to crafting and sharing meaningful blogs that offer insights, wisdom, and inspiration. With a diverse range of topics spanning unique categories, our extensive collection of articles is designed to cater to your specific interests and needs.

Discover the wealth of knowledge waiting for you on our website,, where you can also catch our Sunday morning service at 8 AM Pacific time. As you explore our site, take a moment to delve into our newly organized blog categories. These categories encompass a variety of subjects, including Freedom, Spiritual Growth, Personal Development, Overcoming Fear, and more.

Each blog post is thoughtfully crafted, offering concise 2-300 word essays that aim to provide practical assistance for your life journey. Our commitment is to empower you with insights that resonate and guide you towards growth and self-discovery. To access our blogs, simply navigate to the top banner of our home page and click on “Blogs.” From there, you’ll be immersed in a world of thought-provoking content that is sure to enrich your understanding and perspective.

At, we believe in the power of knowledge to transform lives. Join us on this journey of discovery and growth, as we continue to share our insights, experiences, and wisdom through our curated collection of blogs. Your quest for personal development and enlightenment starts here.

Join Us Live Every Sunday Morning at 8 AM PT @ 

We invite you to tune in live every Sunday morning at 8 am PT by visiting Our online platform offers you direct access to our inspiring Sunday services.

You may have already discovered that is your primary destination for accessing our Sunday services online. Due to our steadfast focus on the theme of “FREEDOM,” our presence on social media platforms has faced challenges. Our messages have been shadow banned, a practice that restricts our ability to reach our friends, partners, subscribers, and even those seeking our content. In the past, we used to reach thousands of people each week, but since our perspective differs from the accepted narrative, our reach has been limited. While light-hearted content like puppy videos garners more engagement, when we delve into substantial topics, our reach dwindles.

To counteract this censorship, we’ve taken matters into our own hands. We’re going live on our official website and sharing the audio of our services through our podcast for your convenience.

Your steadfast support and that of others like you have made a significant impact. Despite the challenges of censorship, our online ministry continues to flourish, touching lives positively through the teachings of Jesus Christ. We owe a debt of gratitude to our new streaming app, which empowers us to broadcast live across various social platforms while simultaneously delivering our content through our website.

None of this would be possible without your ongoing financial contributions. Your generosity allows us to thrive and make our ministry’s mission a reality. We deeply appreciate each and every one of you for standing alongside us in support. There has never been a time when your involvement has been more critical.

As we navigate these unique times, we invite you to join us, united in purpose, as we spread the transformative message of faith and freedom. Your presence and dedication fuel our shared journey, making a difference in the lives of countless individuals.

You Can Make a Difference

Discover the profound meaning of your life through the paradox of giving. In the words of Jesus, “With what measure you give, it will be given back to you.” Even when it seems like you have nothing to offer, remember that as long as you breathe, you possess the power to create an impact. While you may lack money, health, positive emotions, or a supportive network, your ability to breathe grants you the potential to effect change with divine assistance.

The journey begins with a simple expression: “Thank You.” No matter where life finds you, God’s call to gratitude remains constant. Every day bestowed upon us is an opportunity to answer His call, and He yearns to receive our gratitude. Whether it’s a whisper or a triumphant proclamation, God listens for your thanks, even if it’s the last breath you take.

Today, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to you and to all who stand behind this ministry. Every individual who desires can support us with the most precious gift of all—prayer. I urge you to join us in praying for our responsiveness to God’s call, our unwavering commitment to His message, and our flourishing journey ahead.

Additionally, I present a challenge to you: place your faith and trust in His provision. Consider contributing financially to support our mission. Give not out of scarcity, but from the abundance you possess. God knows your needs and promises to care for us as we remain steadfast in our devotion to Him.

As you plan for the future, remember us in your giving plans and in your final testament. For some, the ultimate time to give arrives when they transition from this life to the next. It can be a profound blessing to allocate your resources to cherished causes and the church. Everything we possess is a gift, and as we depart this world, we carry none of it with us. I humbly request you to consider including our ministry in your trust or will.

Thank you for being the driving force behind the vitality of this ministry. Your presence and support make the impossible possible, shaping lives and fostering transformation through faith, gratitude, and giving.

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