8 Ways to Prevent the Flu

The four-letter word s-i-c-k is just that– a four-letter word. We may say, “we aren’t feeling 100%,” or “we’re a bit under the weather,” but to say we are “sick” is to give the bug more power over our mind and our bodies!

Here are 8 things that help prevent the flu and encourage wellness thoughts:

1) Be proactive and protective of your health. When it’s cold and flu season, stay away from processed/junk food. Sugar lowers your immune system.

2) Drink enough water. Drink as many ounces of water equal to half of your body weight. If you weigh 150 then you should drink 75 ounces of water every day.

3) Eliminate your use of antibiotics and instead use pro-biotics. One is “anti-life” the other is “pro-life.” In emergencies, you may have to take antibiotics for a severe infection. If you are taking them on a regular basis, the infection will be more resistant. Remember: antibiotics do nothing for viruses.

4) Get 8 hours of sleep a night. Nap during the day if possible. Your body is in repair mode when you sleep, and you can ward-off many bad bugs if you take care and lay low.

5) Be a good example to others by staying positive, not complaining, and minimizing your lack of feeling 100%. Your body hears every word your mind thinks!

6) Stay focused. Even if you are a bit under the weather, try to keep up with your normal schedule. It serves as a distraction and will help get you through.

7) Reward yourself with wellness days. Celebrate health instead of reaping perceived benefits of being sick. (like more attention)

8) Implement stress relieving habits daily. This includes, exercise, meditation, prayer, journaling, and deep breathing.

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