Goal Setting in One Word

We typically do traditional goal setting in our family. On New Year’s Day we each share the most significant thing that happened in the year that just passed, and then we each spend a few days praying about and writing down our goals for the new year.  

Since most people never set goals and the rest aren’t committed to achieving them, this practice might not excite you.

I’ve recently read about choosing one word for the year ahead. Not a sentence, not two words. Just one word. I’ll still do my traditional goal setting by listing what I expect to achieve in the new year ahead, but I’m going to find my one word as well. It sounds intriguing.  What does God want me to do with my life next year…. explained in just one word?

Once you spend time reflecting on the year past, spend time thinking about one word that resonates with you for next year. What do you need to change or improve? The word should come from time spent alone with your creator, not a suggestion from someone else. Once you choose your one word write it down on a couple of small poster boards or make a couple of word documents on your computer.  Post your word in prominent places, on a mirror, a wall by your desk, by your door to the garage, on your patio, or any place you can see it several times a day. Make sure you meditate and pray about your one word every single day. Watch and see what it will do to help direct and improve your spiritual, emotional, and physical life, as you claim it for your life in the new year.  

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