Feeling Down–Help Someone

If you’ve been feeling sad, confused, or without purpose or meaning in life, there are many people and many projects that desperately need your helping hands. Get involved with your place of worship; volunteer at a food bank, a homeless shelter, an animal rescue organization, or anywhere you want to. Giving someone or something a hand-up will increase your appreciation for all you have, raise your mood, and fill your heart with joy. God has created you with unique gifts and talents and somewhere out there, someone needs those.

 I like what my daughter, Angie says regarding extended hands.

“Crossed arms are the exact opposite of extended hands. The nonverbal message might communicate anything from being chilled, to feeling relaxed, or even insecure.

Crossed arms almost never signal that a person wants to engage in friendly conversation. It is the universal sign of a person who wants to keep to herself. I often feel comfortable crossing my arms. I enjoy my personal space. I recharge when left alone. And yet, God requires that I open my arms. And because I love God, I deliberately leave my comfort zone, and instead extend my arms to others. The more I open my arms, the more God’s presence changes me. I am becoming more like God.”

To help find purpose and meaning in life, use your God-given time and talents to help others. Find someone who needs a hand-up today.  Not a hand-out but a hand-up. You will lift their spirits, while at the same time lifting your own.

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