Restoring Your Inner Peace

By Donna Schuller
I work with my husband, so I spend many hours a day with him. When I start feeling like the walls are closing in, or when I start pointing out things that are bothering me-especially if I begin to point my finger at others, I know it’s because I need time alone.

I’m a great admirer and avid reader of the many works of C.S. Lewis. He writes about the secret place… a hidden place, where you bare your heart before God and pour every ounce of it at His feet ─ whether it be sorrow, gladness, thanksgiving, intercession, or all of it mixed together. In turn, God draws near and shelters you with His presence in the secret place.

The secret place has been a refuge for me and it can be for you too. But you have to find your own secret place. You must be intentional about seeking God and the peace He offers to you. Only you are responsible for seeking your peace. No one is going to come chasing you down saying, “here it is, come and get it.”

There is an ultimate goal in mind for your time in the secret place: to make Heaven and all its treasures more substantial to you than the world and all of its distractions. When we believe in the reality of the peace of heaven, and when it lives in our hearts, we live differently. We live with more peace, assurance, and hope for the future.

Find your hidden, secret place where you are all alone. Even if It’s in a small closet, for only 60 seconds. Paradoxically, you’ll find an expanse of space and time as you connect with God, restoring your inner peace.

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