Help for Hopeless, Suicidal Thoughts

A pastor I listened to this past Sunday told about a person who came into his office feeling hopeless and suicidal. The pastor told the guy to make a list of 50 positive things about himself.  The discouraged man said he couldn’t even think of one good thing to write about himself. The pastor then started asking questions and right away he could tell that the guy had a sense of humor, so he asked him, “would you consider yourself a funny person?” The man answered, “yes, I’ve been told I tell good jokes.” As he took out a piece of paper, the pastor replied, “so here’s the first positive thing I’m going to write about you: you have a good sense of humor.” The pastor pursued this discussion as he continued to ask questions and write down positive statements about this person who was finally beginning to slightly improve in mood.

They never saw each other again until a few years later. One day the pastor ran into a man who was happy, positive, and enjoying life. If he’d not have recognized the pastor, the pastor would never have recognized him. The man slowly pulled a crumpled piece of paper out of his wallet which the pastor recognized it as the 50 nice things he’d written about him years before. The man thanked him for saving his life.

If you are feeling hopeless, depressed, or suicidal, take out a piece of paper and write 50 positive things about yourself. Keep that list in plain sight 24/7. Meditate and pray about it every day. You’ll soon start believing what you wrote. If it’s for someone else, write that list of positive things about them and give it to them.  

Speak and write words of kindness and truth.  We all need it.

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