Finding Fulfillment

Guest article by: Dr. Christopher Knippers
Fulfillment in life is necessary for true happiness. People search for it in various ways, and many people find it. Here are 3 ways of finding fulfillment in life that really work.

1. Human Connection is an essential component of fulfillment. When we have close relationships (even a few) we find fulfillment. It doesn’t have to be romantic love. It can be a deep understanding connection on a soul level with someone. It is the kind of relationship that the great Jewish/German philosopher Martin Buber wrote about in his classic book, I and Thou (Simon and Schuster). We can connect with people on this deep soul level even in spite of their obvious shortcomings. We can see beneath their shortcomings to the very essence of who they are, despite their external imperfections. When you are secure in your own identity, you can begin to see greatness in others.

2. Express your Passion. We find fulfillment in life (or, sometimes fulfillment finds us) by engaging in whatever behaviors we are passionate about. Passion is a drive inside of us that relates to our natural talents. Pay attention to what makes you excited inside, despite how others might judge that. Pursue that excitement, even if it doesn’t pay financial rewards. You will find fulfillment in expressing your natural passions/talents.

3. Service to Others is a sure way to find fulfillment in life. Humans are meant to help, support, and guide each other. Where I am weak, you are strong, and vice versa. That is how life works. Reach out to others and offer help. It can be as simple as a smile, or a word of encouragement. Dr. Schuller says, “Find a need and fill it.” This will help you find fulfillment.

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