Where to Find God

Guest post by Angie Schuller Wyatt

Becoming aware of God’s voice is not looking for a giant sign in the sky. If God were yelling, or loudly displaying His mysteries, then awareness would not be necessary. Everyone sees a thunderstorm, but few stop to behold a cool breeze. God speaks quietly, calmly and constantly. When we tune into the ways God is speaking to us we become who we are destined to be: receivers of heaven.

I practice tuning into heaven by intentionally listening for God. I can tune in anywhere; from the grocery store, to my bedside prayers, and always while reading my Bible.

Then I ask myself: What am I noticing or sensing? How is heaven seeping into my heart and mind? I let my imagination roam before jumping in with my grown-up, analytical thoughts. When my heart attaches to something true—a reality greater than my own, something consistent with God’s character—then I know I’ve heard God. I don’t always hear God’s voice correctly, but I learn from triumphs as well as mistakes. Then, I practice again and take more risks. This is a relationship between God and me. There’s’ nothing to lose, and nobody’s watching or judging me. It’s a safe classroom within my heart.

My friend Bob Hamp explains what it’s like to tune into heaven:

“The Air around you is completely saturated with radio waves. They pass over and around you, as well as through you. You cannot touch, taste, smell, hear or see them…we do not hear the signal being broadcast by the radio station if we have no receiver, or if our receiver is not plugged in, turned on and tuned to the frequency…[In the same way] the atmosphere around us is saturated with God…We humans are designed to be receivers of [heaven on earth].”

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