If you find yourself retired or unemployed I have good news.  You don’t have to spend the rest of your life doing nothing. If you need to get back to work to pay your bills, then do all it takes to do that. Start saying, “yes.”  Don’t be too proud to do something you normally wouldn’t do just because you’re over-qualified. I can list the many things I did to pay my bills once I left my prestigious position as Senior Pastor of the Crystal Cathedral and the Hour of Power. You would be shocked to learn some of what I did!

Once you say “yes” to something, anything, instead of sitting at home, feeling bad about not doing what you used to, great things start to come your way. You will learn that one “yes” will lead you to other employment, or opportunities you never dreamt possible. It happened to me. I’m where I am today because I kept taking jobs just to pay the bills. Believe me, it was humbling, but looking back, I know it was part of God’s greater plan.

Even if you are retired and don’t need to work, if you’re wondering “what comes next,” think about what Ethel Waters said, “God can’t steer a parked car.” Get out of your comfort zone and discover who needs volunteer work. You have skills and gifts that can help people in many ways. Your retirement years can be used to help teach others what you have spent a lifetime learning. And guess what? In-turn, you’ll feel so great helping others and you’ll have more youth and vitality in surprising ways.

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