The Four Most Important Things You Want to do to be a Good Dad

1. Be Faithful. Your family needs to know you as predicable and dependable, although you’re not perfect. When you say you’ll do something, you do it. People are surprised if you don’t show up when you say you will. This character quality will serve you well in all areas of your life. This makes the difference between being a mediocre
and a Great Dad. Your children need to know they can count on you.

2. Be Present. When you show up you are there with your family, not somewhere else on your personal electronic device. If you work at home, set some boundaries. Your family deserves and wants you. Not just your body, but they need all of you.

3. Be Supportive. Help your children be who and what they want to be. Don’t try to relive your childhood through them. They have their own lives and we need to support them and their wishes. I don’t like trash, my grandson does. He prefers playing with the trash trucks to the fire trucks and other toys. To be supportive I asked him if he would like to go to Disneyland or the city Dump. Guess what he chose and guess where we went? It wasn’t Disneyland.

4. Be Gentle. Our kids make mistakes. They don’t listen to us, respect us, or obey us all the time. They hit their siblings. They don’t do their homework. They ditch school. They try to get away with as much as they can. They are kids and this is part of growing up. Discipline is important but should be done quietly and gently. It’s different from punishment. To disciple is to teach, and to model good behavior.

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