Seasons of Grief

This is dedicated to my daughter-in-law, Saige Schuller, who lost her father to cancer three years ago today, on September 11, 2015.

A good part of our lives is spent accumulating and celebrating family, friends, material goods, jobs, houses, and other things that make life amazing. It’s tough coming to grips with the reality of our temporary life here on earth.  We eventually lose everything.

No one can escape the loss of a loved-one, a career (even through retirement), or anything we love and cherish.

Loss can hit us suddenly or sometimes it rolls on through a slow decline.

Loss and the death of a dream, a pet, a friend, and especially a family member, hurts badly. Each of us experiences it’s sting in painful ways as we hopefully grow and learn through each incidence of loss.

Once you’ve experienced a deep valley of darkness due to loss, and you begin to heal, your consideration of loss takes on new character and meaning.

Your grief can result in:

-an ability to help others through better understanding their grief, loss, and pain.

-a strengthening of inner courage and resolve.

-personal growth in depth of insight and wisdom.

-a new appreciation for life and it’s fragility.

-a thankful heart for the time you had with your loved one.

Remember-grief has a season of its own.  Don’t try to rush through it or listen to people who may be insensitive to your loss. The searing pain you feel today, will lessen into a dull ache over time, and you will experience healing.

“There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens.”   Ecclesiastes 3

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