Raising Positive Children

One way to make sure your children are inspired and encouraged is to speak good words to them.  When our children were growing-up with had a list of affirming words that we would make a point of speaking into our children on a daily basis. I urge you to have a similar list for your family and as they go through their day accomplishing goals, make sure they know that you’ve noticed.  Some of the key words and phrases we used were as follows:


-Wow!                                -I’m Proud of You

-Way to Go.                       -Fantastic

-Outstanding                     -Exceptional

-Excellent.                          -You’re Doing Great

-Great                                 -You’re a Joy

-Incredible                         -I Respect You

-Exciting                             -I’m Here For You

-Well Done                        -You Made My Day

-Remarkable                     -I Love You



Not only will you be communicating love and support to your children but you will also be giving them a great vocabulary!  There’s nothing like hearing a three-year old say, “that’s incredible!”

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