Pray to Sleep Better

At the end of every new day, the last thing I do is to have a prayer. “Dear Lord, Did I do what you want me to do today?” And I try to think of what I did throughout the day. Then I confess my shortcomings. I ask God to forgive me. And he does! After all he died on the cross for you and me and told us that if we ask, he will forgive us. 

Next, I pray for the Spirit of God to my fill life with his wholeness. And He does! By doing these things, I sleep better. If I wake up during the night, I meditate and pray for my family and friends. I rarely get through my list before I fade away into slumber. 

By using these sleeping tools, I wake up enthused and excited about the things I will do for God on this day. Then I start my day with another prayer: “Dear God, whatever it is that you have in store for me today allow me to tackle it with faith, surround it with love and subdue it with your spirit.” Now that is the way to face today and every day. 

Beginning and ending a day with prayer is the best way to live a life of peace, happiness and success. When we allow ourselves the freedom to do things we weren’t planning gives God the honor of directing our lives in ways we never would have dreamed possible. This is what vital living is all about. Fear turns to faith and life becomes exciting.

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