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Past and Present: The Legacy and Continuation of Robert Schuller Ministries

In 1955, Dr. Robert Harold Schuller set forth with a profound vision in Garden Grove, California. What began as humble services in a drive-in theater evolved into America’s first “mega church” and “television church.” This pioneering effort culminated in the iconic Crystal Cathedral, housing 10,000 believers and serving as the grand stage for the globally cherished “Hour of Power.”

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Dr. Robert Schuller: Embodying Possibility

Continuing his father’s legacy, Dr. Robert Schuller breathed fresh life into this monumental mission. Educated at esteemed institutions like Hope College and Fuller Theological Seminary, his influence permeated both within and beyond the church walls. With “Possibility Thinking” as his mantra, he reached an astounding audience of over 20 million weekly viewers. His voice, further amplified by 17 published works including the best-seller “Walking in Your Own Shoes,” continues to inspire and motivate individuals across the globe.

Donna Schuller: Wellness, Wisdom, and Continuation

Parallel to Dr. Schuller’s spiritual journey, Donna Schuller has been a pillar of wellness, wisdom, and advocacy. As the driving force behind “Healthy Family Happy Life”, Donna’s endeavors in nutrition and well-being have made significant impacts. Alongside Dr. Schuller, they co-founded several transformative initiatives, ensuring their holistic approach to well-being reached numerous souls. Donna’s heart particularly resonates with the youth, guiding them through challenges and advocating international peace efforts. Her recent book, “Fearless Women,” along with other contributions, showcases her dedication to personal growth, family wellness, and global peace.

Dr. Schuller has four children: Angie, Christina, Bobby and Anthony. Bobby Schuller can be seen on the current Hour of Power broadcast and serves as pastor of Shepherd’s Grove, a congregation which meets at Irvine Presbyterian Church in Irvine, California. The Hour of Power is currently recorded at that location each week.

When they are not engaged in ministry or visiting their children or grandchildren, the Schullers love the outdoors and scuba diving in the oceans of the world.

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