Feelings of loneliness can creep in, even if we are in a crowded room.  If you let them, those feelings can get ahold of you and create sadness, worry, anxiety, or any number of feelings that won’t allow us to live in peace.

If you are feeling emotions of being alone, misunderstood, or maybe even abandoned in your time of longing, then you are experiencing a problem of the soul.

In an attempt to get rid of the feelings of loneliness we may surround ourselves with more; more people, more television, more online games, or more work.

When we are addicted to entertained or distraction, we need to take heed because this tells us to slow down, stop the noise, and search within.

If you have a tough time being alone then you need to start with just five minutes, today. Find a quiet place. Sit, close your eyes, and listen to your breath. Feel the anxiety leaving your body as you breathe in the freshness of God’s love for you and as you exhale, exhale anything that doesn’t create peace and calm in your life. Stay in your quiet place as long as you can. Think about improving yourself, and not about anyone else. In our alone times we can think, meditate, pray, and ask for God’s intervention in our loneliness or sorrow.

It’s a paradox in life but if you run away from that which has a stronghold on you, it will get stronger, but if you face it head-on, and get to know yourself, and God, you will find healing for your loneliness and whatever else is not serving you well.  You’ll soon find more inner peace, which will help fill the lonely void in your life.


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