Gratitude and Thanksgiving

This past weekend we had dinner with a friend. We had never met this friend before but have pastored him for years. His name is Peter and he said he wanted to make us an Italian dinner. He was also recovering from cancer surgery and treatment and needed prayer. He invited us to his home and we accepted.

Upon entering his house, we saw the custom-made radiation mask that he had worn during his treatments for throat cancer. His radiation and chemotherapy had concluded less than two weeks earlier. We recognized this mask because another friend recently wore a similar one while she too underwent radiation for throat cancer. Humbling and grateful moment #1.

This night was to honor us and show us love and thanks for our ministry. Humbling and grateful moment #2.

Shortly after we got there he offered us wine and appetizers and we sat at his beautifully set table. He waited on us and treated us like important guests in a private restaurant. Just the two of us with Peter, both chef and waiter. It was one of the best meals we’ve ever eaten. All handmade and delicious.  Humbling and grateful lesson #3. We soon discovered that Peter couldn’t eat because of his recent radiation (it was too painful) and his chemotherapy (the food tasted like “metallic cardboard”) Humbling and grateful moment #4. He finally sat down with us and sampled a small bite of food. He coughed, and we could tell it hurt. He ate no more. Humbling and grateful lesson #5.

Peter is thankful and grateful, in spite of his cancer, his pain, his situation. We are humbled, thankful, and grateful to him for his kindness.

No matter what you’re going through, you can choose to live a life of gratitude.

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