God Lives in Liminal Space

Liminal space is that place, either physical or emotional, where we are in-between or on a threshold. We can feel confused, uncomfortable, restless, or fearful when we linger there. Physical examples of liminal space are airports, train stations, or hotel hallways. Emotional or psychological liminal spaces are those spaces which we occupy in our minds and our hearts after the death of a loved-one, a divorce, the loss of a job, or the loss of a home.

Anytime you’ve experienced a major transition and don’t feel grounded or when you’re on a threshold of something, you can feel uncomfortable. But there is divine, spiritual power in liminal space. God is always present thus God is more available in our times of liminality because in this stage we are longing and searching. We can use these times of transition and waiting in unique and soul transformative ways as we seek the Holy Spirit and God’s will for our next stage in life.  God does not live in a three-dimensional world and he doesn’t occupy our understanding of time. It makes sense that we might grow nearer to him in our times of waiting or transitioning from one circumstance, or stage in life, to the next.

Find peace by seeking God in your liminal spaces. Learn, grow, and become a better version of you. You will cross that threshold and know more about yourself, others, and God.

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