Getting Past Disappointment

Many times, in life we feel disappointed, let-down, discouraged, and challenged, so much that we aren’t sure how we’ll make it through the frustration of our present situation.

If you think life’s suddenly going to get easier once you get that “perfect job,” or find that “perfect person,” you will continue to be let-down, disappointed, frustrated, and discouraged.

I believe that most happiness and fulfillment come from inside each of us as we take the situation we are in and learn to make the most of our journey.

Every day we can strive to find something to be thankful for.

Goals and future plans are great, and necessary, as long as we practice appreciation and gratitude in the present moment. If we live our lives hoping that someday, we’ll have “enough,” that day won’t ever arrive. There will never be “enough.”

Life is an amazing journey, filled with joy and sorrow, great times and painful ones. There are many unexpected twists and turns along the way and most are not of our own choosing.

We can never really know what tomorrow what will bring, but as long as we enjoy the journey as much as we can, we will become wiser, more thoughtful, and more grateful people. We will find more peace, contentment, and will become people who look forward with hope.

I like the way the authors of the book, “The Critical Journey” put it: “Whereas a trip focuses on a destination, a journey has significance when seen as a whole. Journeys are dynamic, not static. There are side trips, returns to former sites, forays into the unknown. A journey cannot be repeated, even if we try.”

If you are feeling like you aren’t where you want to be today, hold on to hope, live one day at a time, realizing that life is an incredible journey.

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