Getting Back to Sleep When Awakened

We’ve already talked about things you should do to prepare you for a good night’s sleep. Things like, not consuming any caffeine after 12 pm, being careful not to use your cell phone or computer too close to bedtime, sleeping in a cool and dark room, not drinking too much alcohol or using drugs, and not watching the news or any agitating television too close to the time you want to go to sleep.

Another problem you might be dealing with is how to go back to sleep once you are awakened in the dead of night.  Here are a few things that might help you:

-If possible, try not to get out of bed. Stay and at least rest. Even if you don’t go back to sleep you’ll be resting.

-Try counting backwards from 100. (in a second language if possible)

-Turn on “white noise.” A fan can be effective in drowning-out a noise that may have disturbed your sleep.

-While lying there in your dark room take 6 slow, deep belly breaths (Diaphragmatic breathing). With each purposeful exhale discard stress and worry, and with each inhale breathe-in the goodness of God and they beauty of life.

-Slowly pray for each member of your family. Once you’ve prayed for each person by name, then go on to your friends. You’ll be surprised at who might come to mind. Go with it.

If you are still having problems falling back to sleep then repeat the list of suggestions above.  If your awakening becomes a habit then go back to my blog titled, “Tired and Need More Sleep,” and start practicing good bedtime habits.

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