Frustration Can Be Overcome

One of my favorite books is Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning.” I’ve read it several times and each time I gain new insight and wisdom. Dr. Frankly conceived of his pioneering logotherapy while in a concentration camp during the Holocaust. When they took away everything, including his clothes, and then his wedding band, he had a thought; “you can take away my belongings, you can take away my freedom, but you can never take away my freedom to react to what you do to me.”

When faced with frustration, health problems, relationship issues, painful times, persecution, or grief, we still have the freedom to choose how we will react. We can react with anger, depression, even thoughts of suicide, or we can react by asking, “What can we learn from this? How can God eventually use this episode in my life for good? How will I become a better and stronger person for what I am going through?”

Blessed are the people who can see the meaning in life and purpose in all things-both beautiful or challenging. Those who have faith and courage to choose the right way to react to what happens to them will be comforted, knowing that God’s hand is at work, even if they can’t see it at the time. And even in their most trying circumstances.

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