Five Ways to Be the Best Single Dad You Can Be

I have been married with children and single with children. I can tell you that it is much better being married with children. But when you don’t have a choice you have to do the best you can with what you have. If you find that you are in this situation here are some things that should help.

1. Remember that your children’s mother is their mother. Take extra steps to make her look good by saying only positive things about her. It’s not about the two of you. It is about your children becoming the best adults they can be in spite of the situation.

2. Your next job is not to be a playmate with your kids but to model healthy adulthood. If you struggle with addictions keep it away from the kids.

3. Don’t introduce them to every girlfriend. Wait until you are VERY serious to introduce them to “another woman.”

4. When you play, try doing something that doesn’t require screen time. If they are young, read a book or go to the park. If they are older, play cards, board games, take a hike, go to the gym, or find something that interests them.

5. When you pick them up have a quick prayer asking God to be with you all and make your time together the best it can be. Thank God when you part. If you have them on Sunday take them to church. Find a good youth group that and get them involved.

You can raise really good, healthy adults even if you are alone.

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