Fear of the Future

All of us have doubts, worries, and negative thoughts from time to time. What we do with those thoughts, how much space we allow them to take up in our brain…and for how long, will influence our present mood, our health, and our future.

When I start dwelling on negative thoughts of what could happen, I turn to a past time where I was in another stressful situation and I felt similar feelings. I intentionally turn to a time when God helped lead me through a great valley of despair, grief, loneliness, or confusion. I meditate and concentrate on His goodness, grace, and love for me and the negative “committee” in my head begins to break-up. I make a conscience effort to replace fearful thoughts of worry with ones of hope for my future. God helped me get through before, and He will do it again.

Once I start concentrating on how God helped me through a past trial, I can more clearly see my future through lenses of hope.

But first, I have to turn-off the negative thoughts that race through my brain and affect every cell in my body.

If you are experiencing fear of the future right now, you need to change your thinking and if you can’t do that alone then find someone who can help you. A trained counselor or a trusted friend is can be helpful. Each time a worried thought enters your brain try wiping it away with a thought of happiness and optimism. This won’t be easy at first, but with repetition and practice you can overcome your thoughts of worry, stress, anxiety, and confusion.

Remember: “Your body hears everything your mind says.”  Naomi Judd

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