Divorce is Difficult

Divorce is very painful on so many levels. It’s the end of a relationship and carries with it feelings of failure, abandonment, grief, and loss. If you are going through a divorce I can relate to how you feel. The experience is gut-wrenching and will have an effect on everything else in your life as you deal with the issues that surround the end of your relationship. My first marriage ended in divorce 34 years ago and I still remember a lot of what I felt back then.


Divorce is the death of a relationship. You may feel like a failure right now, or that you didn’t try hard enough. You feel responsible… or blameless.  If it wasn’t your idea and you did everything in your power to stop it from happening, you may feel completely out of control. I understand that too.

I often share that God hates divorce because of how everyone in the family is affected. If you have children their lives will be affected when you share future graduations, baptisms, weddings, birthdays and holidays. And this goes on for generations in that it will affect your grandchildren and great-grandchildren too. The negative feelings surrounding divorce weaken but the perplexity of it all seems to continue to leak into our lives, even though many years have passed.

If you are going through a divorce, or if you feel like you haven’t yet healed from one and yet it’s been years, make sure you go see a trained counselor. Don’t hold-on to your fears, resentments, guilt, and worries or it will eat your alive.

Even though you may be heart-broken today, God will help you get through. Some day you will look back on your experience and you will be healed. I promise.

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