6 Habits to Increase Your Mental Health

Life is a journey, not a destination, yet so many of us run non-stop, never taking time out for reflection and personal growth.   Mental health problems plague families of all races, belief systems, and socio-economic categories.  If your mental health is off, all of your health is off.

  • Mental health starts with spiritual health. The way you feel about God says a lot about the way you feel about yourself.  Pay attention and get counseling if you are confused about your spiritual life.
  • Begin each day without distractions. Pray (talk to God) and meditate (listen to God).
  • Eat good, fresh, real food. Avoid fast food, sugar, too much caffeine, and food dyes and read labels because your mental health is directly affected by what you use to fuel your body.
  • Do not take drugs of any kind, except in an emergency. All drugs, legal or not, will have side-effects that negatively affect your mental state.
  • You need 8 hours of sleep a night.  Sleep in a cool, dark room. 65-67 degrees is ideal. Wear an eye shield.  Drown out noise by using a fan app on your phone or a real fan. Turn off your internet router because it will protect your brain from EMFs (electro-magnetic fields) while you sleep.  And make sure your phone is on airplane mode at night.
  • Find a chiropractor and get regular adjustments. The main goal of a good chiropractor is to make sure your nervous system, through your spinal cord, is giving proper signals to all areas of your body; top (head) down.   An added benefit is less physical pain and injury, better balance, and deeper sleep–a healthier you, in every way.


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